How to Make Money Online

The Internet has opened up many money making opportunities to each and every one of us. If you were to type “Make Money Online” into the search bar on Google you’d find pages and pages of results appear. The problem is many of the results are scams that make the creator of the scams rich but no one else. The good news is there are genuine ways to make a decent living online, or to simply top up your earnings for all the little luxuries in life that you don’t want to live without.

So how do you make money online? Here are four suggestions that can bring in excellent results but they aren’t get rich quick schemes, you will need to put time into the work involved. Thankfully, sometimes the work is a lot of fun!

Earn Money by Writing

What is the Internet without words? Words are found everywhere, even on the image-heavy websites and someone needs to write all those words. That person could be you.

  • Begin by creating a blog and getting some examples of your writing style published
  • Create profiles on freelancer websites
  • Apply for jobs, preferably on the topics that you know a lot about

The other option is to create your own blog but it can take many years before personal blogs begin bringing in any money. You’ll need to write regularly, build a good following on social networks and once your website has enough traffic you can monetise it with advertisements, affiliate schemes, selling your own products and using sponsored posts.


Indulge the Gambler in You

If you love to gamble you can find plenty of websites online where the chance of increasing your money pot is offered. This isn’t without risks and it’s not ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a good grasp on the different types of games available such as blackjack, poker or roulette. There are other options available such as the lottery syndicates ( is a great place to start), there is less pressure in these types of games but there’s still a good chance of seeing your income increase.

Entering Competitions

Online competitions are everywhere these days and they are very easy to enter. You will need to be prepared for an increase in spam and perhaps open yourself up to some extra cold callers, but the prizes can make these disadvantages worth it. There are plenty of websites for people serious about competitions so you’ll be able to concentrate on entering money only competitions if you wish. The more you enter the higher your chances are of winning, and people do win all the time! Spend a couple of hours per day/night entering and see what happens.

Get Paid to Do What You Normally Do

There are money making opportunities for anyone who uses the Internet and all you need to do is click on links, put in searches, watch videos and test websites. The downside is your online activity will be tracked but take the time to find a trusted company to work for and there really isn’t anything to worry about.