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When it comes to playing poker online and offline, every player is going to have their own playing style. Look at the top three Pokerstars Holland – Marcel Luske, LexVeldhuis, and Fatima Moreira De Melo – they all are pros yet they all play the game different. Despite the fact that they are all pros and have mastered the game, they have different styles. When it comes to playing poker, you have to know what poker playing style your opponent has if you want to be able to win the game. So, today in this article we are going to discuss the most common player styles to give you some insight on your opinions so you can be on your way to becoming the next Pokerstars Holland.

Loose and Tight
The first way to find out if your opponent is a loose and tight player is to watch the number of hands that they play. If you see them playing many hands they fall into this category. Knowing players who are lose and tight benefits you because it helps you narrow down the types of hands that they may have.

Passive and Aggressive
Another playing style is going to be the passive and aggressive style, which is going to be known by the player’s ratio of bets and rises to checks and calls. Aggressive players always try to make you feel under pressure by betting and raising. They are also known to buff when they sense weakness. On the other hand, a passive player is going to check and call over bets and raises. They like to see as many cards as possible so they have the littlest amount of risks. When a passive player is rising you can be confident that they are close to it.

Loose Aggressive
When the poker game starts getting aggressive you may notice many players switching up to this style.The good news is they can easily be spotted because they like to keep a lot of noise. They also like to start hands and make pre flop bets and raises. Even when they flop, they will continue going on. The bad news is with this type of player you may find it difficult to deal with them because they will bet when their hand is strong as well as when it is weak. However, they usually win a lot of money.

Tight Aggressive
Tight aggressive is common in the online poker world. It is very common among newer poker players in the online world. When it is executed correctly, it can lead to many wins. The game is not exciting when players play in the style but it is one way to insure that the job will be done quickly and nicely.

Which Style is best
We have now covered some of the best poker styles. However, the question still remains which poker playing style are the best. Many poker players will say tight aggressive is the best because it is guaranteed to make you money. Loose aggressive can do good to but it can be challenging for a player to master.