A retirement plan like no other

Saving something extra for a rainy day is always a good plan, however setting yourself up with loads of money for your retirement simply sounds so much better!

Better sleep only when you’re dead. Meantime got to run like a rabbit, work like a busy bee, and watch your savings like a hawk while you’re at it. Sounds all too familiar? Naturally! Who doesn’t turn into a farm animal, while trying to work their behinds off in an attempt to get to the finish line, AND put some money into a savings account??

A retirement plan. The dream. You in a swim suit, a deserted beach. A Pinna Colada with not one, but two umbrellas in it. Just savouring the moment, because there will be no other.

Unfortunately, most realities aren’t like this one. No one can promise you fading away into old age in a deserted island resort, but you can always add some extra cash in your savings account, now and then, by playing online games and winning some and putting it aside. Instead of throwing it all at once on the next game, and end your session with a feeling of "nothing lost, nothing gained", withdraw your hard earned winnings and put them aside. You can even open a separate savings account just for this purpose. Instead of buying yourself a small present now, accumulate your winnings, and over time you might have a substantial amount. Winning cash with games online doesn’t have to mean you’re just playing. You could set yourself a goal, stick to it and persist until you have the sum you always want, to put on the side. You don’t have to just live for the moment while gambling online, and a fair bit of future planning will go a long way, you’ll probably thank yourself for it. Hey, how do you think the pro’s do it?